Everything you need to know about hand-foot syndrome

Constant moisturising is the best remedy against hand-foot syndrome. Relieve symptoms by keeping your hands and feet cool and using a gentle cream. Always consult your doctor or oncology nurse. Here you will find further advice on how to deal with hand-foot syndrome, also known as HFS.

What is hand-foot syndrome?

When you are undergoing chemotherapy treatment you could develop hand-foot syndrome. What exactly is it and what can you do about it? Read more.

What stage are you in?
hand foot syndrome

There are different levels of hand-foot syndrome from mild to severe. Read more…

What you need to know
hand foot syndrome

There are many different types of products to choose from. Read more for information on the best skincare to choose for you. Read more…


The blisters were gone, I could walk again

Martin was 54 when he learned that he had a tumour on his appendix and that had metastasised. The oncologist recommended chemotherapy to extend and improve his life. After the fourth infusion, Martin could no longer walk. He had blisters on his feet and the skin was peeling off. The oncologist suggested a change of treatment medication. It worked. Martin can even walk around barefoot again. "Before I started the treatment, I was given a detailed and clear explanation of all possible side effects," said Martin. "To prevent my [...]

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Hand-foot syndrome can have a huge impact on people’s daily lives

Read more about the impact

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